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The several different switch options, keycap customization, lighting options, and programmability allow you to really make this keyboard fit for you.

Signature Anne C.- Pro 2 Features


D87 can save customized functions offline in the keyboard, and support the whole keyboard without any key punch, that is, press all keys at one time without key conflict. Make sure you use it at work and in your games!

Currently, Anne pro 2 comes out Type A, Type B, and Type C PBT keycaps at the same time from different batches. The letters on keycaps have been optimized to more stylish and complete. Up to 16 key macros can be programmed through computer software. Saved macros are stored onto the keyboard onboard memory and do not need the use of the computer software to activate.


Signature AKKO Features


Tokyo R2 design customized PBT keycaps, comfortable feel. In order to provide a better feel, we select PBT keycaps with about 85% PBT content. The surface is dry and not easy to slip, giving you a comfortable touch feel. The switches are produced by Gateron factory which is pre-lubricated, and the keyboard supports hot-swappable.

The Akko 3084 has a unique set of features and designs, 75% keyboards are quite rare and even fewer of them are wireless. The keyboard, in particular the silent variation, has some unique switch options that are hard to come by and the extras provided allow you to put together quite a looker of a keyboard. 


Signature FIRST BLOOD B21


The B21 is a unique and interesting keyboard, which is getting harder and harder to say these days. Rather than lean on typewriter-style keys and calling it a day, B21 went another direction and delivered a board that feels much more vintage without forcing you to sacrifice modern amenities like Bluetooth connectivity or backlighting. The design won’t be for everyone but this is an unmistakably solid board that’s well worth a closer look.

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