Sep, 2021

Anne Pro 2 Keyboard

What is Anne Pro 2 ?

If you enjoy customizing the features of your keyboard to get the look and feel you enjoy, the Anne Pro II is an awesome keyboard for you. The several different switch options, keycap customization, lighting options, and programmability allow you to really make this keyboard fit for you.

The fact that you can connect to four different Bluetooth devices and switch between them with ease is another nice feature. This feature is great if you want to connect your keyboard to your PC, cell phone, TV, or work computer and switch between all of them whenever you want. In addition, the Bluetooth feels reliable and there are no missed keystrokes, so the software is doing its job correctly.

With several lighting options, the Anne Pro II makes it possible to change between different backlight colors so if you enjoy a fresh new color background every time you type with the keyboard, this feature is great for you. 

Anne Pro 2 with Jaizuma Keycap - The Best Mechanical Keyboard - by Amaterasu

"This is crazy good, crazy crazy good! I can say it 10 more times."

Anne pro 2 - Something Different, Something Great - by Sabari

"Anne Pro 2, I really like it. I think that if you are looking for a new keyboard, it is a solid option."
Aug, 2021

Anne Pro 2 Keyboard Article Review - August 2021

Design & Layout

The Anne Pro is a gorgeous and well-formed keyboard, crafted with evident care by its designers. Its simple plastic chassis has been smoothed and rounded on all sides, its base gently becoming deeper towards its far side to angle the keys into a more comfortable position. Normally you’d expect to find flip-out legs that prop the keyboard up or allow it to lay flat, but these have been excised in the Anne Pro to save space, weight and complexity. The benefits of the 60% form factor is that you get a much smaller and lighter keyboard, which fits well with its Bluetooth capabilities. You’re still going to look a little weird pulling out your keyboard on the bus, but at least carrying the Anne Pro with you isn’t going to do your back in. Smaller keyboards are also a little more ergonomic, as you can rest your mouse more in line with your shoulders rather than way out to one side.


The same attention has been paid towards its keycaps, which are made from PBT to provide a comfortable and incredibly long-lasting surface that won’t wear away or become slick and shiny over time. Its legends have been carefully stencilled on each key, allowing the SMD LEDs embedded in each switch to shine through in any colour you care to imagine. Even without a rainbow dancing along the keyboard, the Anne Pro is a stylish and eye-catching keyboard — particularly in the stark white colourway we’re testing.


The Anne Pro 2 is constructed, overall, out of a solid plastic. Looking at the board from the top down, the case bezels are really slim and have a slightly chamfered edge, leading to sides that are not “sharp” or harsh to hold. The case has a fairly “high profile” design, meaning that if you’re looking at the sides you’re not going to see any keys/stems.

Talking of looking at the sides, if you look at either the right or the left side, you’ll notice a slight incline in terms of the overall angle – this is due to the fact that there are no flip-out feet on the bottom-side of the case, so no adjustable angling. However, the angle that the Anne Pro 2 is “stuck” with is actually a really nice typing angle. I find it incredibly comfortable and have not once wished for flip-out feet!

If you’re someone who types a lot on a keyboard across an array of devices, or an on-the-go gamer who wants to be able to type on one machine, then plug in the USB-C cable for extremely low response times, or just someone that wants a highly portable, yet still “feature rich” keyboard – We think you’d be right at home with the Anne Pro 2.

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